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Journal of Women's Health

How Laughter Relives Pain

Survival Mechanism

A similar difference in contrast can be seen in the most poisonous animals on earth as blue-ringed octopus, jellyfish, the Brazilian wandering spider and the poison dart frog. All of these animals have a pattern or shape of holes similar to images in which there is ... [more]

Energy Also Depends On The Ability To Conceive

Since energy also depends on the ability to conceive and carry a fetus as well as the related effect on the menstrual cycle. Liver maintain harmonious and smooth flow of energy and blood in the pathways that carry. When an imbalance in the liver appear pains and problems on the mental level: ... [more]

L-carnitine - your best ally in weight loss

Despite all the efforts that you have invested the entire summer to shed excess pounds, improve form and simply look better and healthier results are still invisible and pants tightening? In this case, it's time to finally once and for all face with our own shortcomings and start today in ...


Acai Berries Activate Metabolism

Acai berries help to control body weight and body detoxification

Before the summer, always pay attention to your line, but at the end of the summer somehow relax and consequently, to get that extra pounds. What we do to our body was flawless in the coming colder days? Have you ... [more]

Acne No More Review - Common rashes can cause scarring

Common rashes can cause scarring? Blackheads, which we know as the classic rash can themselves cause scarring. The reason is that these black points are the locations of dead skin reactions as a result of body wax and carbon dioxide. However, as we said in the previous article of ...


The Condition Of The Heart And Caloric Intake

Some scientists claims that who recently compared the condition of the heart and caloric intake of two different groups of people. There were two groups eating a normal diet, with the difference that in the first case was a daily caloric intake of 2,445 calories, the second group of 1,671 ...


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