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How Laughter Relives Pain

Journal of Women's Health

How Laughter Relives Pain

Survival Mechanism

A similar difference in contrast can be seen in the most poisonous animals on earth as blue-ringed octopus, jellyfish, the Brazilian wandering spider and the poison dart frog. All of these animals have a pattern or shape of holes similar to images in which there is a fear response. Based on these results, the researchers found that the phobia is a remnant of an evolutionary survival mechanism that patterns associated with dangerous animals. Read more articles Burn The Fat Feed The Muscles Review

Suggest even people without the phobia and to get a feel uneasy at the sight of the holes or brightly colored animals, but many are not aware.
Cole and Wilkins are now investigating the possibilities of manipulating people's behavior. Is it possible to send by frightening patterns and holes added to everyday objects? Decisions of people The future will tell.

When people in puberty is the emotional response to facial expressions many times stronger than in adults

This would explain why you as a teenager more often had the giggles than as an adult. However laugh along with another allows young and old to produce happiness hormones. A good game of laughter together therefore generates stronger links between people, and more togetherness.



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