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The Condition Of The Heart And Caloric Intake

Journal of Women's Health

The Condition Of The Heart And Caloric Intake

Some scientists claims that who recently compared the condition of the heart and caloric intake of two different groups of people. There were two groups eating a normal diet, with the difference that in the first case was a daily caloric intake of 2,445 calories, the second group of 1,671 calories. Both groups consumed a calorie-consuming steps diet for three to fifteen years.Learn More Here http://www.reviewlity.com/

Experts believe that any disorder affecting blood vessels and heart activity may contribute to erectile dysfunction. Erectile Dysfunction can cause even the most cardiovascular diseases such as coronary heart disease, high blood pressure and elevated levels of blood fats. High cholesterol increases the risk of sexual dysfunction in men up to eighty percent.

As noted, about fifty begins to decrease testosterone levels. The reduction in testosterone can affect medications. Many men but refuse to go professional. In some cases, testosterone may prescribe, for example prostate cancer. Testosterone itself does not cause cancer, but it promotes the growth of cancer cells created. The testosterone is adversely affected by heart disease, liver, hypertension, diabetes, stress, smoking, and some drugs. Click This Link http://www.reviewlity.com/category/general-health/


Testosterone levels are determined from the normal blood sample, so no one has to worry about painful examination. The effect of treatment will come about as the moon, but it makes sense to evaluate up to a quarter. For that, you have the ball; you really do not need to be ashamed of. Witness the fact that you are real men.


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